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Land of Fire
Hokage: -
1 Jounin
0 Chuunin
4 Genin

Land of Wind
Kazekage -
0 Jounin
1 Chuunin
2 Genin

Land of Water
Mizukage -
1 Jounin
0 Chuunin
2 Genin

Land of Earth
Tsuchikage: -
0 Jounin
0 Chuunin
3 Genin

Land of Lightning
Raikage: -

1 Jounin
0 Chuunin
0 Genin

Please share ours!:




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 Ninja Warrior Rules

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DP : 2
Character Name : Zyoshu Dakajora
Char Age : 17
Element : Wind
Clan : -
Bloodline : -
Village : Hidden Cloud

PostSubject: Ninja Warrior Rules   Sat Dec 18, 2010 12:42 pm

1 - You may only perform realistic tasks. For example, you cannot perform a leap five hundred metres in the air, doing a backflip at the highest point and then landing on your feet perfectly. Be realistic.

2 - No jutsu can be used unless allowed.

3 - You may not escape the course at any time unless you find safe ground and signal you want to come out. (Safe means not moving, flat ground is most ideal. There must not be any immediate threats.)

4 - A maximum of 1 person can take a course at once (Separately and depending on the courses' statistics or rules.)

5 - You may only use jutsu your character has learnt.

6 - Reply to the topic that will have NW(Number of course here) detailing what you do to tackle what is described in the main post.
Multiple people can take the course at once IF they do not interact with the other people taking the course.
However, if more than one person is allowed on the course at once, interaction is allowed.

7 - You may gain rewards at the end of each course.

8 - You do not have to do all courses in order. You may have to do some courses before others, however. (This will be specified)

9 - Harder courses require more realism to collect the grand prize.
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Ninja Warrior Rules
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