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Land of Fire
Hokage: -
1 Jounin
0 Chuunin
4 Genin

Land of Wind
Kazekage -
0 Jounin
1 Chuunin
2 Genin

Land of Water
Mizukage -
1 Jounin
0 Chuunin
2 Genin

Land of Earth
Tsuchikage: -
0 Jounin
0 Chuunin
3 Genin

Land of Lightning
Raikage: -

1 Jounin
0 Chuunin
0 Genin

Please share ours!:




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 RP Sample

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DP : 4
Character Name : Grell Uchiha
Char Age : 16
Element : - Fire, Lightning
Clan : - Uchiha
Bloodline : - Sharingan, Sand Release
Village : Hidden Sand
Age : 24

PostSubject: RP Sample    Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:49 pm

It was a bright morning. Sunlight was penetrating threw Grell's room window, the light made Grell's beautiful red hair shimmer and Glisten. She slowly woke up, raising her arms with a large yawn. Getting off her bed and standing up, she scratched her arm-pits as she made noises with her mouth, she was certainly not much of a morning person. She brushed her teeth and then went back to her room to brush her hair, standing infront of her mirror. In it you could see a tall five foot nine girl in her late teens, with long red hair that made it to the top of her abdomin. She had light skin but certainly not pale. She was a skinny girl with a fine amount of you know what. She wore a pair of red glasses that that was almost rectangular, at the bottom it appeared to be bent. One of the things that would call the most attention was her abnormal sharp teeth, they resembled that of a shark but she only has a single row of them. For the sake of the children watching this, she walked away from the mirror and changed in to her nice red maid outfit. Afterwards putting on her red loop earing she left her home, locking the door and slaming it shut.
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DP : 2
Character Name : Zyoshu Dakajora
Char Age : 17
Element : Wind
Clan : -
Bloodline : -
Village : Hidden Cloud

PostSubject: Re: RP Sample    Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:54 pm

Nice, I'd give that Chuunin because I spotted a couple of typos and strange sentences that could be worded better, but well done.

You get:
2 D Rank Jutsu
1 C Rank Jutsu
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RP Sample
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