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1 Jounin
0 Chuunin
4 Genin

Land of Wind
Kazekage -
0 Jounin
1 Chuunin
2 Genin

Land of Water
Mizukage -
1 Jounin
0 Chuunin
2 Genin

Land of Earth
Tsuchikage: -
0 Jounin
0 Chuunin
3 Genin

Land of Lightning
Raikage: -

1 Jounin
0 Chuunin
0 Genin

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 Naruto 522

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DP : 2
Character Name : Zyoshu Dakajora
Char Age : 17
Element : Wind
Clan : -
Bloodline : -
Village : Hidden Cloud

PostSubject: Naruto 522   Wed Dec 29, 2010 7:34 am

Chapter Title: We Died
Title Page is Haku with his hand on a mirror and the reflection.

The others notice it's Zabuza, and someone from the cursed Snow clan who can use Hyouton(Ice Element). The Tensei's are losing their minds, and Kakashi warns the guys to watch out as Zabuza is the best at silent killing. Haku pleads with Kakashi to stop them, and that his dream was to protect and die as Zabuza's tool; however, since Zabuza is dead he thinks he has failed and as he is now he can no longer protect or be a tool of Zabuza.

Kakashi tells him that Zabuza died from something else, and died not thinking of Haku as just a tool. Zabuza, scolds Kakashi for blabbing. The scene shifts to Kabuto who says that Zabuza and Haku are stubborn, but he will succeed into turning them into his tools.

Zabuza's final words to Kakashi are to stop him by any means possible, as he has already died as a human. Kakashi says he understands and reveals his Sharingan as Haku sheds tears and thanks Zabuza.

Kakashi explains that the other two guys are Gari from the Stone village, he uses Bakuton(Explosion) and used to be on the old Explosion Squad with Deidara. The other is Pakura from the sand, and she uses Shaku-ton(Heat?)

Zabuza uses Hidden Mist and Kakashi, Sakura, Lee, Gai form back to back formation. Lee says he'll protect her even if he dies.

The attack starts and Kabuto comments on how he's gained much more control thanks to Orochimaru's chakra, and how not controlling the emotions caused some of the other Tensei's to fail(Sasori). Now he can kill the emotions, but he's not sure how many he can do that with and plans to leave the rest as is as it could be advantageous depending on the situation.

Meanwhile Juugo and Suigetsu have escaped from jail, but Sui cannot find his sword.

Back to the fight, Pakura turns a bunch of ninja's into mummies by evaporating all the water in them and Gari blows another guy up. Haku's about to kill a guy when Gai/Lee kick him.

Kakashi and Zabuza are locked in a struggle when Kabuto takes the next step... he has Gari and Pakura summon...

All the former members of The Seven Swordsman of the Mist along with Zabuza's still broken sword(They don't appear to have theirs, and Kisame is not among them).

The End
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Naruto 522
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