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1 Jounin
0 Chuunin
2 Genin

Land of Earth
Tsuchikage: -
0 Jounin
0 Chuunin
3 Genin

Land of Lightning
Raikage: -

1 Jounin
0 Chuunin
0 Genin

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 Criminal Intent (Continued)

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Natsuki Kanda
Natsuki Kanda

DP : 3
Character Name : Natsuki Kanda
Char Age : 13
Element : Lightning
Clan : N/A
Bloodline : Konoha
Village : Hidden Leaf

PostSubject: Criminal Intent (Continued)   Thu Jan 06, 2011 6:08 pm

Criminal Intent: The Beginning

Natsuki's body slumped motionless, and the twins sauntered up to her limp body. They sneered at her before turning their backs, and began to walk away.

"Not even a challenge, ay Brother?" Shiro flipped his hair in an arrogant manner.

Kuro grunted in agreement as he led the way. "Yeah. Stupid citizen. Should have stayed where she belonged."

The sun was now shining brightly in the sky, and Natsuki's eyes snapped open. They had a steely shine as she slowly and silently picked up her body. Tsk. Idiot girl. Calling me out for some nonsense opponents. Chakra began to flow through her body as she went through a series of hand signs. Natsu, you owe me one. Ninja Technique: Body Flicker!

In an instant she was behind Kuro and Shiro with kunai at their necks. The boys stopped mid-step, surprised that someone had gotten to them without their noticing. Yuki, Natsuki's other personality, let a grin escape from her normally expressionless face. Her hands shook, wanting to slice at their necks already, but Yuki held herself.

"Take care of my little Natsuki, will you boys?" Yuki whispered to them as she made to slice at their exposed necks, but dropped the kunai at the last second before pressing the 'sleeping nerve' between their neck and shoulder.

Both boys fell to the ground with a soft thud. Yuki scoffed before retrieving the kunai and walking elsewhere. She spotted a large tree in the distance, and jogged to it. Her head bobbed in approval before settling herself at the base of the tree, and promptly fell asleep.

Next Chapter: The Uchiha
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Criminal Intent (Continued)
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