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All about Aiko Uchiha

DP :
Character Name :
Aiko Uchiha
Char Age :
Element :
Clan :
Bloodline :
Village :
Hidden Leaf
Description :
History-When he was one or two his parents got killed by Missing-Nin. Next when he was five his 2 brothers and one sister got killed by the same Missing-Nin. When he was seven he killed the Missing-Nin and started killing animals for a living. When he visits Iwa he usually would bring a dead animal with him. The time when he was 9 he was considered a special ninja of Iwa because he would bring supplies for them. When he was 11 he was stealing a Missing-Nin's sword but the Missing-Nin caught him so they fought. Instead of bringing the sword he brought the dead body. Iwa then called him a murderer and when there was a bounty on someone's head they would usually call him to go and find them. Sometimes he would kill them and bring the head as proof.
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Aiko Uchiha
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