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All about Hyuuga Haruko

DP :
Character Name :
Hyuuga Haruko
Char Age :
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Village :
Hidden Leaf
Description :
Background: Belonging to the Hyuuga branch family, Haruko spent much of her childhood serving the head family. Early on, she was ignored by the head family as being untalented and insignificant; it was assumed she would never grow up to become a ninja because she would not be skilled enough. However, once Haruko began to get older, her abilities began to show themselves. She quickly became the protege of the branch family and her parents knew she was destined for greatness. Her only obstacle was that she was a member of the branch family.

The night Haruko was scheduled to be engraved with the cross seal, her parents decided to smuggle her out of Konohakagure. They never got past the village gates, before the Hyuuga head family had sent paid ninjas to re-capture them. For their insubordinance, Haruko's parents were severely punished. Haruko was forced to watch as Shinzo, the head of the Hyuuga clan, activated her parents' cross seal and tortured them until they died. Almost immediately after, the cross seal was imprinted on Haruko's forehead.

It wasn't until Haruko got older that she discovered that the Hyuuga head family had done this to branch members before, perhaps many times. The most notable example Haruko came across was Hyuuga Neji's family. Neji's father was tortured for going against the Hyuuga head family, and Neji had been forced to watch. Neji was considered a protege, as was Haruko. The parallels were too great; Haruko knew she had to seek out Neji and ask him about the similarities. She had a feeling the connection between her and Neji ran deeper than the branch family bloodline.

Haruko's goal is to seek out Neji and possibly find a way to take down the Hyuuga head family once and for all. She is determined to become strong enough to enact her revenge on those responsible for the murder of her parents. She lives only for vengeance and for the freedom of the branch family from the head family forever. In order to do this, she must first find a way to free herself from the curse of the cross seal.
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Hyuuga Haruko
Hyuuga Haruko
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