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Land of Fire
Hokage: -
1 Jounin
0 Chuunin
4 Genin

Land of Wind
Kazekage -
0 Jounin
1 Chuunin
2 Genin

Land of Water
Mizukage -
1 Jounin
0 Chuunin
2 Genin

Land of Earth
Tsuchikage: -
0 Jounin
0 Chuunin
3 Genin

Land of Lightning
Raikage: -

1 Jounin
0 Chuunin
0 Genin

Please share ours!:




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 Naruto Shinobi Legends

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PostSubject: Naruto Shinobi Legends   Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:49 am

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The 7th Hokage awoke late one night to find his 19 Year Old Son's Jonin Flak Jacket with a note. Worried, the Hokage scrambeled over and read the note.

~I know of your plan. You were not going to give me the Hokage throne. You promised, father. But no, you are going to give it to Jainē because she's "Special". Fine then, I see how it is. I will get the Hokage throne, wether you like it or not. I'm leaving Konoha today, to live within the Shadows. -Hikai~

The Hokage crumpled up the note and looked towards Jainē, she was special in his mind because of her "power" as he called it. There was no real power, he just thought she could lead the Village better than Hikai could of. But she was much to young for this responsiblity for being only 11.

Hikai left, slashing his headband. He traveled quickly to the Major Shinobi Villages and gathered followers. It was more than becoming Hokage, now, it was creating a Elite Dictatorship under the new Group.

The Group grew in numbers, Hikai chose well. Assassians and Swordsman were only Minor Ranks. As the time went by, Hikai grew more and more evil, training in the Darkest of Arts, mastering Forbidden Jutsu, and killing all who stood in his way. His ability grew to Sannin Level, his group's followed suit.

The group had gone Nameless for 5 Years, Hikai decided it was finally time for a name. But what would it be called?
"Hikai-sama... I got it!"

"Hm? Nikino?"



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Naruto Shinobi Legends
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